lundi 13 février 2017

Love, Stitch and Colour

Colour, shapes, losing myself in this happy mess, these are the moments I treasure...

Lulu loved this soft fairy, bringing Winter dreams her way.

I had to decorate my green cushion too to go with the other one I had done a few weeks ago, now we have two bright cushions of flowers and this hand stitched heart below to wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day!

Finally here is Tilly a new rabbit friend I made for Lulu, she's looking a bit shy here but has been made welcome by all, Toby especially loves her!

 Love and colour,
  Kat xx

mardi 24 janvier 2017

Fairy Magic

Fairies are sprouting everywhere in our home lately, twinkling at us and bringing their delicate magic with them.

A delicate collage with a message from the fairy folk to relax, find balance and happiness!

They love to laugh and have a jolly time together!

This soft creature above watches over us day and night.

We even have a little baby fairy who sleeps warmly in her little leaf!

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mercredi 11 janvier 2017

Winter Magic

Continuing Winter's story, 
she came bringing snow and cold with her soft icy whispers, everything sparkled white 
as she slowly passed in the night.

Somewhere out there the wolves wandered hungrily, howling, roaming the land,
the wind whistled through the bare branches,
twigs broke and fell silently.

And she tiptoed through it all,
peeping in to see all those wrapped up warm,
as she twirled and danced so gracefully in her cold blue splendour,
bringing Winter magic to everything she touched.

In the cold of night, 
sleep tight and deeply rest yourself this night.

A new fairy boy popped by to say hello this week, the girl fairies were over joyed to have him join our party!

I continue enjoying my felt sewing fun...

and Teddy and Chiffon love this cushion as they relax on the sofa together.

Happy Winter days and nights to all who are touched by Winter's magic!

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lundi 2 janvier 2017

New Year Wishes and Stories

Happy New Year to all!

I'm linking this post to Art Journal Journey where the theme by Erika is "every journal page tells a story."

The piece below is a magical Sparkle land where you can meet my Russian dolls and fairies, as well as Flower, the red horse below, as named by Lulu.
I really enjoyed sitting in the evenings making these sweet characters, they brought some magic to our home this christmas.

The fairies love to take a ride on Flower's back and fly over tree tops topped with snow!

 These  two quickly became the best of friends and love to fly all around the land spreading their magic fairy dust everywhere.

 Flower is gentle and so kind, she will willingly fly you or pull your sledge around.

Also sharing a misty view from home on Christmas day and some snaps taken in the snowy hills, it snowed right at the beginning of the school holidays not far up in the hills, we were so pleased!

Lots of snowmen and sledging fun, we too shared some of the magic from Sparkle Land!

Best wishes to all for a healthy and very happy New Year! 
Kat xx

lundi 12 décembre 2016

Snow Fairy

I love this twinkly month of the year when Winter sets in and the ground is frosty in the morning.
Time to wrap up and keep warm, marvel at the Winter sky and wonder when the snow will top the hills. So here's just a quick and light sketch of my Winter fairy wishing you all a peaceful Christmas, in case I don't manage to make it back here before Christmas.

Winter set in with its warm glowing lights,
soft music and twinkling bright eyes.
The snow fairy softly tiptoed through the land turning all a soft white,
dancing and twirling her snowy dance, silently she twirled and fell softly through the night.

I've been stitching away making more felt creations, little Winter houses

and clogs full of chocolate surprises...

Merry Christmas to all,
Kat XX

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jeudi 1 décembre 2016

3 Little Pixies Find a Home for the Winter

There were two pixies last week and now we have a third, come to join us for this Winter's season.
They like to be warm at home with us when the days are so dark and cold.
Their friendly faces and warmth put a smile on our faces,
they are certainly welcome to stay with us this Winter and Lulu is delighted!

Winter laced my latest canvas piece as well, a little village frosted over one Winter's eve!

 Last week I posted this view from my window, the trees had their last leaves falling, as you can see they are now bare, but the sun is shining this week!

The forest has turned to its Winter browns

 and rising mists in the morning and at dusk, beautiful! The light in this one catches the last gold patch still to fall.

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vendredi 25 novembre 2016

Ella Autumn

Here is Ella a finished canvas work. I have a collection of ladies and hadn't done one for a long time, so she greeted me with a gentle gaze blending in with the rich Autumn colours, I love so much!
I've also been busy stitching, something that is new for me, but I came upon a book of lovely creations made with felt and wanted to make some for the home and Lulu who I knew would love these.
So below are our Christmas pixies. They bring little chocolates to good children and disappear when children are naughty...

Out my window it has been rainy and the colours are definitely golden and full of Autumn's palette.

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