jeudi 20 octobre 2016

Autumn Turning

This time of year is a fine walk between golden Autumn days and Winter playing softly just behind,waiting to step in.
These two happy dolls smile in the sunshine, the air still warm, they make the most before the leaves are all down and the days shorten, when Winter will slowly set in.

When the sky takes on an orange, pink glow in the evenings, there is wood smoke in the air and darkness all around the edges. A slower, deeper time, when nature shows her naked beauty.

Walk slowly over the bridge of seasons, as we walk away from the light to the dark, from the warmth to the cold. Gaze at the sky at dusk, relish all the new beauty that steps in as Winter approaches!

The sun was golden yesterday as we walked these peaceful villa grounds by the sea, we savoured the sights and warmth of a beautiful October's day!

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samedi 8 octobre 2016

Golden October

Days are drawing in now October is here, yet it is still full of gold and warmth trying to shine through when it can!
So here's to crunchy leaves,
leaves twirling,
colours changing.
This beautiful October's dance that takes our hand,
leading us slowly to the darker part of the year.
Listen to the breeze and gaze at the dipping sun as it turns the sky bright pink
and wonder at it all!

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dimanche 25 septembre 2016

Stirrings of Autumn

September light is golden, mellow and so warm, I can feel the first stirrings of Autumn, a cooler breeze, the light waning, first leaves falling. 
A change in the air.
Outside Summery days still linger to be savoured before the cooler days arrive, before the rains and storms, as days draw in and nights lengthen.
Each leaf twirls gently, each with a story to tell.
Autumn light feels soft and gentle
whispers of the darker days, of something deeper, of golden, yellow light.
Crackling fires, pumpkin dishes and fluffy warm clothes.
We savour our days as the leaves softly twirl reminding us to make the most of the warmth that lingers on these Indian Summer days!

We all enjoyed a sunny Sunday walk. The September light is golden!

Lulu and I were fascinated with this beautiful flower we found in a park this week-end, what a beauty!

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dimanche 11 septembre 2016

Summer Lingers

Sun and Summer waning, Autumn playing with Summer, a gentle mix of this and that.
Enjoy the warmth that lingers, or the much needed rain pattering down!
Feel time as it slips on leading us to mellow days.
Enjoy the beautiful simplicity in your daily lives,
for me it's the feel of my little girl's hand in mine,
smiles and kisses,
so much love everywhere!

A collage below of this and that, as Summer still shines strongly in!

Linking to Paint Party Friday, a super place full of wonderful artists and creativity with great hosts Eva and Kristin who thankfully let us free with no rules, that's what I love so much!
It's a place of creative souls coming together every week to just have some creative sharing fun, it definitely edges me on with my creations and sorry to all whom I don't leave comments to, I simply don't always have the time.

mercredi 31 août 2016

A Celebration of Summer

Summer blue skies,
Swallows sweeping high and low,
Velvet nights,
simmering heat and crickets singing.

Sounds of water,
time that lingers softly,
walking bare foot,
the list goes on....
such a generous season
hot, sultry Summer!

Tomorrow it's back to school for the kids, Summer holidays come to an end and the first leaves fall from the trees. It is still hot in the South of France but there is a distinct end of Summer feel at this time of year, so we savour each day and the gifts it brings!

In this piece, I celebrate Summer's beauty, its juicy fruity colours, its brightness, nature's grand beauty as it shows off all its bright Summer colours, from the vivid bright greens that keep us cool to the blinding yellow sun, the cool colours of water to the juicy fruit selections, what a blast, cheers to Summer!

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lundi 22 août 2016

Nature's Wonders Part 2

So many wonders to share, little glimpses of our Summer and Nature's Wonders (the theme at Art Journal Journey).

These flowers just grew wildly on the side of a little mountain street, for sure they captured our eyes!

 This deep blue sky so deep you can lose yourself and enjoy the endless blue!

For me these are my wonders for sure!

 Happy Moments in the forest having picnics with teddy bears and Lulu's cousins.

Fountains in the Summer, the trickling of water and this beautiful tree!

 Happy smiles!

Our beautiful village, the last three photos are taken in Valbonne, where streets are filled with green and flowers.

A little green for grass and wide spaces. Yellow for sunshine and warm pink skies, and hope that's always there!

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jeudi 11 août 2016

Nature's Wonders

Hello all, I'm back after a while away up the mountains. Summer is flowing, nature's beauty was all around us up there, wild open spaces, so many great moments to share together and marvel at the wild green and majestic tops.
Nature flows and I like to feel I have taken some of that wild energy inside of me during these holidays.

We loved our moments playing by the river, what a crazy energy that water had and so refreshing on a hot day!

So much time with daddy for Lulu, she was such a happy girl, especially on top of daddy's shoulders!

 I loved this little garden, so colourful and pretty, I had to take a shot of this!

Our friends all had a wonderful time too!

 As did teddy!

Happy and wonderful memories for sure!

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